6 of Disks R, Chariot R, 2 of Swords

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Card 1 – 6 of Disks, reversed.  Perfection.

Card 2 – VII The Chariot, reversed.  Free Will.

Card 3 – 2 of Swords.  Conflict.

Another interesting spread.  I’ve mentioned that one of the reasons I do this every day is to keep refining the DMs for the cards, to see how they work together in practice, etc.  The DM I had for the 6 of Disks was “Caring” .  I know what I was getting at when I used that, it was the group of 6s with Forgiveness, Guidance, Passion and then Caring.  All aspects of VI The Lovers and of Tipareth, Love, Beauty, Perfection.

Caring just falls flat for me though.  It doesn’t capture the cards image  or original intent – this was supposed to be Gabriel, the angel who transmits the word of God to mankind, and it’s in the suit of disks because I see the created world as the word of God, the body of God, etc.  Caring?  No.

So seeing it in the context of a reading I knew for sure I had to change it and I changed it to Perfection, which is one of the names of Tipareth.  It isn’t creation itself but an ideal, a Garden of Eden.  You could also see it as a Christ like idea, where everything must flow through here to become created.  So, perfection.  And I could say that on one hand perfection is unobtainable and on the other hand, perfection is all that there is.   (Is that the conflict that exists re: the 2 of Swords?)

Anyway, I think that is the perfect ending for the 6s, the 4 cards of Love, that which draws us together and forward.  Perfection.

Now for me, today, it is reversed.  Does that mean perfection is unobtainable to me?  I would say no, but its the state of mind which needs to change.  And the Chariot reversed, that is a delay in motion.  Delay in motion, delay in perfection, delay in free will.  NAH.  Maybe this is tarot’s way (my subconscious via tarot) to tell me to quit my whining!  There is no such thing as imperfection and what appears to be no motion is perfect.  The conflict is in my mind – 2 of Swords.

I am going to go change some of my notes on the 6 of Disks now.


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1 Response to 6 of Disks R, Chariot R, 2 of Swords

  1. sylvanmoon says:

    Aspiring for perfection…for me-perfection in itself is self-defeating. But if you aspire for perfection, there is still that hope to attain it…something to work towards.

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