11/12 Hanged Man/Empress

Better late than never!
5+7=12 Hanged Man
1+2=3 Empress

500empress   500hangedman

Oh yeah it was that kind of day over here! I also did 3 cards for myself but never got a chance to read them. I just pulled them out again but couldn’t remember what order they were in so drew 3 more, and they were an awesome set. I love getting a group like this, that is just visually intriguing!

t500acewands    Rt5006disks74    t500judgment

I thought of a different way to read a spread.

Reversed and upright = Fire = energy so upright is energy going out and reversed is energy going in.  So in this set I have a lot of firey energy going in and some going out too, in a nice way.  A good balance I think.  With 3 cards how can you get better?  And its a court and minor and a major.

The numbers could be Air = intellectual conscious understanding.  So we have here a 1, 6, and 20.  27 =9.  I will say that is how I felt today.  I finally had to get out and be alone so I went for a run.  Even when I was done and had to go (kids coming home other work to do etc.) it didn’t feel long enough, but it certainly helped!  Helped clear my head.

The elements could be Water = subconscious and emotional matters.  And well if we look at the images we have a crap load of fire.  But, theres earth in the 6 of Disks, so there was a good dose of grounding going on.

Then the images on the face can be the physical body and environment, health money etc.  That was definitely in upheaval!  Thats what caused all the stress today, just a comedy of errors with my rent and bank account, arggghhh! Everything wild and upside down while I tried to pull it together.

A quick summary but it’s late and I’m tired! I just thought that was kind of a cool way to dissect a reading and put together different aspects without really negating certain things, like the ace of Wands wouldn’t get negated by being reversed, it would just ad a layer of meaning.

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