Update 8-8-2019

I talked to Schiffer yesterday and they said they expect the new decks to be done and ready to ship by the end of August. The decks are done and are being assembled now. They will ship out the replacement copies right away and I should be getting a copy too so I can go over it and let you all know how it is.

As soon as I get it I’ll post something here.

Have a nice day everyone!


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3 Responses to Update 8-8-2019

  1. Leanne says:

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing your deck, but I am worried about ending up with the defective version of the second edition, as I have read the comments on your previous post and can see that a defective deck has made it to Amazon UK, which is where I would be ordering from. On Amazon UK it says that the publish date was 1st August 2019 (2nd Revised ed. edition). Is this likely to be the defective edition as you wrote this article on the 8th August and say that the new deck is likely to be shipped late August, and as of yet you haven’t posted that you have received your copy of the new deck?

  2. Marie White says:

    Hi Leane, I have not received a copy, advanced or otherwise, of the new 2nd edition so anywhere that is selling them probably has the recalled version. Amazon is stil selling the 1st edition seperately. It’s mostly the verion with the gold gilding on the edges.
    Right now I would wait on ordering the 2nd edition anywhere. I’ll update here when I know its out and when I see it and what changes were made!


  3. Tarotisma says:

    I just received the new printing of the 2nd edition yesterday. It looks like the issues with the box were resolved, the deck was shrink wrapped and the insert no longer allows the cards to move around in the box. The gilding looks really nice, too. I like the silver (although I do prefer matte black but there was definitely an issue with the previous gilding so I will take a nice silver edge over that any day). I’m really excited to work with the deck.

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