2nd Edition update

I finally received my advance copy of the reprinted 2nd edition!

The box issue was addressed and the cards came shrink wrapped so they no longer float around in the box where they can get damaged.

The problematic black edging is gone and now they have silver gilding which looks really nice! It was a total surprise to me. The black edging had made the cards stick together and when you peeled them apart it was getting damaged, and it also seemed to be easily damaged no matter what. The silver doesn’t have that problem, the cards are easily separated and shuffled and it seems a lot sturdier.

Another thing I noticed in the recalled set was that there was different shades of black on the card backs but in this one there is no evidence of that, everything is uniformly colored.

Overall I would say that I’m really happy with it!

You can order the new decks now straight through Schiffer:


They should be available again through Amazon again in a few weeks and also through your local sellers.

When I get more decks in I’ll offer some hand signed copies. I’ll update here when they are available.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient!!!


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3 Responses to 2nd Edition update

  1. Shona says:

    Thanks to your message here about the design issue, I contacted Schiffer Books about the faulty 2nd edition set I had purchased here in the UK and they responded immediately. I received my new set much faster than I anticipated (I live in England) and am now over the moon with my beautiful new deck. Thank you for the powerful and beautiful Tarot Deck, but also, thank you for alerting us all to the fact that we could have a replacement set sent out. I’m really very grateful.

  2. Lotta says:

    I’ve just received a faulty edition from Amazon UK so frustratingly it appears that damaged copies are still in circulation. After finding your post, I’ve reached out to the publishers and hope they will resolve this. It’s such a fantastic deck. Thank you for making it available again.

  3. Marie White says:

    Sorry to hear that Lotta!
    I didn’t think Amazon was selling those. One thing I have noticed is that when Amazon is out of stock it will show decks from different book sellers and those may have the problem edition. Look for “sold and fulfilled by Amazon’. I’m not saying this happened to you, just cautioning anyone else who might read this.
    Did you get a deck with the black edges?

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