11/12 Hanged Man/Empress

Better late than never!
5+7=12 Hanged Man
1+2=3 Empress

500empress   500hangedman

Oh yeah it was that kind of day over here! I also did 3 cards for myself but never got a chance to read them. I just pulled them out again but couldn’t remember what order they were in so drew 3 more, and they were an awesome set. I love getting a group like this, that is just visually intriguing!

t500acewands    Rt5006disks74    t500judgment

I thought of a different way to read a spread.

Reversed and upright = Fire = energy so upright is energy going out and reversed is energy going in.  So in this set I have a lot of firey energy going in and some going out too, in a nice way.  A good balance I think.  With 3 cards how can you get better?  And its a court and minor and a major.

The numbers could be Air = intellectual conscious understanding.  So we have here a 1, 6, and 20.  27 =9.  I will say that is how I felt today.  I finally had to get out and be alone so I went for a run.  Even when I was done and had to go (kids coming home other work to do etc.) it didn’t feel long enough, but it certainly helped!  Helped clear my head.

The elements could be Water = subconscious and emotional matters.  And well if we look at the images we have a crap load of fire.  But, theres earth in the 6 of Disks, so there was a good dose of grounding going on.

Then the images on the face can be the physical body and environment, health money etc.  That was definitely in upheaval!  Thats what caused all the stress today, just a comedy of errors with my rent and bank account, arggghhh! Everything wild and upside down while I tried to pull it together.

A quick summary but it’s late and I’m tired! I just thought that was kind of a cool way to dissect a reading and put together different aspects without really negating certain things, like the ace of Wands wouldn’t get negated by being reversed, it would just ad a layer of meaning.

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11/11 Strength

I thought it might be fun to post cards relating to the date. I had the idea today when I realized today was all about 11s. Today is 11/11. also 11+11+20+14 = 56. 5+6 = 11.
On a personal note, my 3 cards today were the Page of Swords (I count pages as 11) and the 5 of Disks and the 6 of Swords, 5+6 another 11. Strength!!


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I’ve been asked a lot about larger prints and I finally got it set up. 12 x 18 and 24 x 36 prints, posters, canvas prints and t-shirts. Kindly hosted by Proton Factory.


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Devil R, 5 of Wands R, King of Cups







Card 1 – XV The Devil, reversed.  Separation.

Card 2 – 5 of Wands, reversed.  Perseverance.

Card 3 – King of Cups

The 5 of Wands is back!  And the Devil reversed, both powers of 5.

This Devil is actually my problem card, not because it’s The Devil but because after all this time the card has begun to split and when I shuffle it sometimes a card from the other direction gets stuck in it and I have to stop and pull it apart.  Isn’t that appropriate??

I must admit that this morning I’ve been losing a bit of nerve, thinking, I have all these plans but can I really do them?  Blah blah blah.   Choosing fear!

I found it interesting that the King of Cups is almost the opposite of what I think of as the Devil, he is the master of his own emotions and subconscious, not a victim of it at all, so I think here is a caution to choose this, be conscious of this, rather than succumbing to fear and discouragement in the 5 of Wands R.


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6 of Disks R, Chariot R, 2 of Swords

t500chariot t5006disksRt5002swords59







Card 1 – 6 of Disks, reversed.  Perfection.

Card 2 – VII The Chariot, reversed.  Free Will.

Card 3 – 2 of Swords.  Conflict.

Another interesting spread.  I’ve mentioned that one of the reasons I do this every day is to keep refining the DMs for the cards, to see how they work together in practice, etc.  The DM I had for the 6 of Disks was “Caring” .  I know what I was getting at when I used that, it was the group of 6s with Forgiveness, Guidance, Passion and then Caring.  All aspects of VI The Lovers and of Tipareth, Love, Beauty, Perfection.

Caring just falls flat for me though.  It doesn’t capture the cards image  or original intent – this was supposed to be Gabriel, the angel who transmits the word of God to mankind, and it’s in the suit of disks because I see the created world as the word of God, the body of God, etc.  Caring?  No.

So seeing it in the context of a reading I knew for sure I had to change it and I changed it to Perfection, which is one of the names of Tipareth.  It isn’t creation itself but an ideal, a Garden of Eden.  You could also see it as a Christ like idea, where everything must flow through here to become created.  So, perfection.  And I could say that on one hand perfection is unobtainable and on the other hand, perfection is all that there is.   (Is that the conflict that exists re: the 2 of Swords?)

Anyway, I think that is the perfect ending for the 6s, the 4 cards of Love, that which draws us together and forward.  Perfection.

Now for me, today, it is reversed.  Does that mean perfection is unobtainable to me?  I would say no, but its the state of mind which needs to change.  And the Chariot reversed, that is a delay in motion.  Delay in motion, delay in perfection, delay in free will.  NAH.  Maybe this is tarot’s way (my subconscious via tarot) to tell me to quit my whining!  There is no such thing as imperfection and what appears to be no motion is perfect.  The conflict is in my mind – 2 of Swords.

I am going to go change some of my notes on the 6 of Disks now.


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Queen of Swords R, 2 of Cups R, Empress R








Card 1 – Queen of Swords, reversed.  Conservator.

Card 2 – 2 of Cups, reversed.  Relationship.

Card 3 – III Empress, reversed.  Creation.

The first thing I find really striking about this set is that they are all looking the same direction in the same way.  And that direction is one I would associate with moving forward.  Right, positive, yang.

ALSO, I have all of the elements of the Chariot here.  I have the 2 horses.  I have the ravens (if we use the Odinic symbolism) we have the Charioteer.  Who, btw is Creation.

Mind (QS), Heart (2C) and Soul (III) all working together to go forward.

All I can say is, I GET IT!  I finally get it!!

Now, I can go through and read this set of cards in many different ways, and have, and they are all true:)  All layers of this reality.  But the BIG idea here is the forward motion.



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5 of Wands, World R, 3 of Cups

t500worldRt5005wands72 Rt5003cups61







Card 1 – 5 of Wands.  Perseverance.

Card 2 – XXI World, reversed.  Success.

Card 3 – 3 of Cups.  Solidarity.

I am so not surprised to see the 5 of Wands back here today and upright!  A few things that have been bubbling around below the surface of my consciousness have become pretty clear this morning and I’ve been thinking and planning and figuring out where I need to go and what I need to do,   Now, I feel like I’m not struggling, now I have something to move towards, fight for.  My energy knows where to go, the 5 of Wands.

I read the World reversed as saying not to disregard the plan the universe has for me, my place in it, because there is a place.

The 3 of Cups is what happens once I right my direction, it’s a sympathetic current.  I will be in harmony with the movement of the universe rather than struggling against it.  I have a plan!

Perseverance (directing my energy correctly)  will bring success and solidarity with the universe.


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5 of Wands R, Chariot, Justice

Rt500chariot18t5005wands Rt500justice29







Card 1 – 5 of Wands, reversed.  Perseverance.

Card 2 – VII The Chariot.  Free Will.

Card 3 – VIII Justice.  Balance.

I like this.  The DM I have for the reversed 5 of Wands is:

“R- Bitterness, negativity, succumbing to opposition.”  Bah!!  Sometimes I don’t like my own DMs.  I am constantly revising them or adding notes (which is one of the reasons I do a reading every day – research and I am my own test subject).  I don’t like DMs that are not empowering, even though yes bad things happen, yes we give up, we give up hope, we screw up, all kinds of fuckery goes on, but you can just see that or you can say I have this energy, what do I do with it?  What is the best way to channel it into the life I want and to become the person I want to be?  So, I thing because of that, and because I know myself, and because of the context, I don’t buy the idea that I am succumbing to the negativity 😛

What I see here is that giving up the struggle will set me free, will allow motion (remember the jello?) will allow Justice, which is exactly what I describe above, being able to create what you want within the chaos of what is.

Of course I don’t know how to do that.  I guess that’s the trick! Something I’ll think about today.

Again I am struggling with something inside (another possible DM for this card reversed!). My own roadblocks as opposed to external ones.  BTW, the 5s end and resolve with the 5 of Disks which is inner peace, heaven in your heart.

When I can no longer struggle against myself I will begin to move forward and I will be responsible for creating the life and self I want.

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Page Swords R, 4 of Disks R, Strength

t5004diskst500pageswords Rt500strength51







Card 1 – Page of Swords, reversed.  Aspire.

Card 2 – 4 of Disks, reversed.  Stability.

Card 3 – XI Strength.  Fortitude.

It’s been rough going!  Just a lot of tedious work and it feels like any progress or forward motion is through jello.  I think that’s why the first 2 cards are reversed.  The Page of Swords I think of as aspiration and enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge and also as needing to rise to the occasion.

The 4 of Disks is one that usually tells me that I am on the right road that leads to the end.  On the right path, doing the right thing.   But that one is reversed too!  Reversed it can mean instability or feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Being reversed, I don’t want to say that the ideas of the cards aren’t there at all, rather I would say that they are just difficult or slow going right now.

The Strength is what it takes to get through.  Common theme for me right now.  All in all pretty good, just slow and tedious.

I aspire to a place of stability and with fortitude I will get there.

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8 of Disks, 3 of Swords, Queen of Disks

Rt5003swords63 Rrt5008disks9 Rt500queendisks47







Card 1 – 8 of Disks

Card 2 – 3 of Swords

Card 3 – Queen of Disks

When I first saw this I couldn’t help but see what my main job is today, which is get the kids ready for the first day of school tomorrow.  In particular Rex, who will be going to his first day of middle school!!!!!

I think I am way more nervous than him!  He is still a little kid going into the big world!  Like the lamb in the 8 of Disks, but nowhere near as dramatic I’m sure!  It’s a gateway into bigger and better things and I know my time with the little Rex is almost over, pretty soon he will be turning into the big Rex (and that cute awkward stage in-between).

I don’t feel heartbroken which is a traditional DM for the 3 of Swords, rather  I feel like I’m savoring all the happy little moments because I know they won’t be around forever.

The Queen of Disks is , well I always think of the rose garden behind her, she is gardening, growing, making a path, taking care of things, nurturing and loving, and all of her work and tears make diamonds.  My kids are my 3 beautiful diamonds and tomorrow is a let go a little bit more day.

I could go on but I’ll leave it at that.


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